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The greatest US recession proof industry is the Gluten Free Market

September 26th, 2022

Gluten Free Global market forecast 2009

Previous research looked at the current state of Gluten free markets across the world. The Gluten Free Matrix was developed that showed how a country’s wealth (GDP per person) was a very good predictor the general e-demand of gluten free products (Google searches).

This research showed that there was a logarithmic relationship for most countries,Guest Posting that is high wealth correlated with high Gluten free demand. It also defined market characteristics for special case outliers such as European countries (Hypo markets Germany, France etc) and over-performing hyper markets China and Russia.

New Google data releases now allows us to view trends for the Gluten Free Market between 2004 and 2009. By comparing current market states in absolute terms with the long term gluten demand trend, we are better able to understand the dynamics of gluten free markets.

This article compares four of the highest performing GF markets of: USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

These countries form a very good base for comparison as they are highly developed, high level of English speaking population (meaning no Google translation error bias), high internet penetration and high Google share (low weighting errors).

Long term trends all show a spike in demand (searches) during December for each country. It would appear that increased advertising and gluten free gift buying are the cause. A demand trough in the middle of the year occurs for the northern hemisphere countries of US, Canada and UK. Interestingly Australia (southern hemisphere) experiences a slight peak during this season. It appears that winter also causes a momentary surge in demand probably as people explore places to buy breads and visit restaurants etc.